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"My style and vision for my designs are mostly inspired by people, the future, and the culture of my country Turkey.  My designs are fun, interesting, bold and creative for she who like to be distinguished among thousands of people.

"Güzel "






Beautiful, Good-looking, Elegant, Pretty, Nice,

Lovely, Good, Fine, Pleasant, Favorable,

Enjoyable, Beautifully,Beauty,Queen

The Güzel Doll was Created in 1999 by

fashion designer Fatimanur Kandemir as her

signature logo show casing her brand of clothing

and the The Güzel Collection was born.

The name Güzel originated from the Turkish

word meaning beautiful; When the doll was

first introduce to the public it was a simple doll

with no face, punk hair and a little pink bow.

Since, The Doll has evolved into its

new Glam Look instinly atracting many people,

creating a love affair across the US...

keep visiting us for more of Guzel's Doll History

and her new Updates!!



Fashion is a unique way to express

the personality of each individual.For

my part, Chic, Glamorous, Fashion

and Vivid colors are the clothes of my


 ..."The trend is creativity, so you can

play with all the elements that belong

to it to create a unique style and

highlight your silhouette in the best

way possible. Remember that

Fashion is rapidly evolving to be a

person who is always "IN", you must

advance the clock a bit and take the

eye ahead to the coming seasons..."


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